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what do we do?

fields of activity

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Tekhne is primarily focused on the design and execution of construction projects and the provision of professional services to clients, (sometimes while acting as the client’s agent), with project references in a variety of fields, many of which were the result of an architectural design competition.

total professional services, design & construction

Tekhne has extensive experience as a design-team manager within the framework of total professional services contracts. We assist our clients by taking responsibility for all disciplines involved in the project’s design and construction phases whilst taking the end user’s operational considerations into account. The involvement of a total professional services contractor from the initial project design stage leads to better risk management, in particular financial risk. This model is particularly suitable for large projects or complex, demanding medium-sized projects. 


Over time, we have developed the know-how necessary for working in close relationship with architectural firms, providing them with effective support in complying with local construction procedures, practices, and methods. During the execution phase, effective construction management ensures that quality, cost and time objectives are adhered to. Particular attention is paid to the commissioning and the delivery of the project to the owner and end-user, with building defects remedied and construction warranties in place.




client advisor, client agent

Tekhne, by preference, becomes involved at the initial design stage of the project (or during a prior feasibility study), when the critical design decisions are made in accordance with the clients’ design and budget requirements. This early input largely determines the overall success of the project.

We assist our clients in various project configurations through the provision of customized services, in which the organizational and technical aspects are tailored to the clients’ individual requirements. Our project managers have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of project development and construction with a particular emphasis on determining a client’s individual project requirements from the outset. Tekhne organizes the various procurement procedures on behalf of the client, e.g. invited architectural competitions or open architectural competitions, in addition to calls for tenders for the construction works (by building element or by general/total services contractor).

Our services may include the establishment of the client brief and the organization of the project (market studies, definition of project requirements, project data sheets, economic feasibility studies, construction programming), quality, cost and time management, resource, operations and information management.


building life cycle


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BIM (building information modeling)

Tekhne keeps up to date on technical and technological developments in the construction world, by getting training in BIM and by actively participating in the definition of standards within the Bauen Digital association. This design, coordination and operating method has been used in French-speaking Switzerland since 2015 and is increasingly integrated into large-scale projects. We can act as BIM manager or BIM coordinator and guide our clients through their project, either within a total professional services contract or as client advisor.

sustainable development

Tekhne has a pro-active economic and social approach in conducting its business. We are fully committed to the defense of human rights and to respecting the principles of sustainable development. We worked on the first industry in Switzerland to receive the Minergie-ECO label, and many of our projects have high environmental goals (Minergie-P-ECO, Eco bau, LowEx, SNBS, Leed).


quality management

Quality management is an essential process that forms an integral part of our services. An internal quality plan has been established by management and is updated as professional standards and methods evolve. Quality management is fully integrated into the activities of our employees. Each participant’s roles and duties are clearly defined in each project. Standard documentation and operating procedures are adhered to, and employees participate in regular internal training.


The effective delivery of services is regularly monitored, firstly by the project manager, then by the member of management responsible for the project, and lastly through regular project reviews. Quality management is a pragmatic tool with the purpose of providing our clients and partners with a professional service in line with their needs and the delivery of a project according to their expectations.

public procurement contracts

Tekhne organizes and participates in many projects which must comply with legislation and regulations governing public procurement contracts under cantonal or federal laws or in accordance with WTO rules. In order to provide comprehensive management of procedures and to properly advise its clients, Tekhne ensures that its employees undergo regular training with respect to new developments, case law, and practical case studies of public procurement contracts.

cost guarantee

Tekhne offers this service which is provided by a specialist company recognized by the SIA. This external guarantor, involved in the planning and construction process, acts as an expert and supervision authority for costs associated with the entire project. It provides coverage via a top-tier insurance company for any negative discrepancy between final validated costs and those actually incurred.


information management

Tekhne works in partnership with the Netprojet SA web platform. This collaborative, modular portal is used to store, manage, and share project documents in an intuitive and secure manner. Various modules are available, such as document management, approval and printing; preparation of minutes and the management of task lists.

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