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who are we?

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the company

Tekhne is an independent company specializing in the management of construction projects. Our team consists of architects and engineers capable of taking charge of a project from the initial feasibility studies, or following a design competition, up until the final handover of the building. We participate in the development of projects in partnership with architects and other members of the design team – engineers and specialists. This close cooperation makes it possible to comprehensively manage the design process, the budget and the program, in addition to the administrative work associated with delivering a finished project.

Whether our clients are proprietors or partner architects, we meet their expectations by providing a top-level service that is tailored to their individual requirements. Our internal charter instructs our employees as to our role, our code of conduct, and our willingness to listen to our clients’ requirements.

Tekhne ?


The name Tekhne has its origins in ancient Greek, where it was used to indicate harmony between the art of reasoning, the knowledge of one’s job and the skill in carrying out a task



Founded in Lausanne, Tekhne also has offices in Fribourg, Geneva and Bern.

1998   foundation of Tekhne in Lausanne

2007   creation of Fribourg office

2008   creation of Geneva office

2018   creation of Bern office

partners and projects

Active in French- and German-speaking Switzerland, Tekhne works under various forms of partnership with architects and engineers throughout Switzerland and Europe (association, subcontracting, direct client contract). Our clients are primarily public authorities, institutional or para-institutional entities, large companies and private groups, such as the Swiss confederation, canton and municipal authorities, the Swiss federal railways, the University Hospital of the Canton of Vaud, and various international organizations, industries, insurance companies, banks and real estate funds.


Tekhne qui sommes nous? Le nom Tekhne vient du grec ancien



Founded in 1998 in Lausanne, Tekhne also has offices in Fribourg, Geneva and Bern. The company’s extensive human and technical expertise enables us to operate in a wide range of fields. Our employees come from various, construction-related backgrounds. This diversity is invaluable, be it for internal training purposes or for understanding the challenges and problems associated with each project.

The company is managed by five managing partners (Eric Baeni, Jean-Daniel Beuchat, Perrine Bruyas, Sylvie Caudron, Olivier Cochard), supported by a management committee (Rita Cotugno, Michel Maurer, Nicolas Pierret, Pascal Schmidt, Wolfgang Schwab, Olivier Vésy), whose duties are to oversee the development of company procedures and the quality control of company-wide services.





Our employees can be divided into five principal areas of responsibility. The role of each person may vary depending on project organization and the skills required. For each project a member of management supervises the execution of the contract, client relations, and the delivery of our professional services.

project manager/ project architect

manages relations with the client, the partner architect and other design-team members; manages the project from contract signature to project delivery in partnership with the various members of the design team, particularly the architect; is responsible for cost and time management.

construction project manager

involved from the tender phase until the project is commissioned; manages the construction project and is responsible for quality/cost/time control, under the supervision of the project manager.

cost estimation/quantity surveying unit

is active throughout project development; prepares cost plans by project phase, in addition to tender documentation, in close cooperation with the project and construction project managers; manages and updates its own database of construction costs.

BIM coordinator

ensures quality control of BIM services; responsible for the BIM process in accordance with the mission conferred on Tekhne within the project (BIM manager, BIM coordination, expertise).

administration and logistics

is responsible for the administrative and financial monitoring of the project; manages site accounts via our accounting system.


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